Young Citizens Advice Somerset

A project for under 25s

We aim to strengthen links with young people and those who work with them across Somerset. We can offer online updates to any group on what we do and how we can help. In short: Citizens Advice aims to help anyone who comes to us with a problem to find a way forward. We help you find the information you need to make your own decisions to move forward. We cover a vast range of topics. You can access our help online, via telephone and in person.

Information Resources

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Support for Young People and Agencies Working with Young People

We can provide a range of support to agencies working with young people including social enterprises, charities, schools and other organisations. Some options are explained below. Presentation sessions can be provided online to suit, and sometimes in person depending on availability. We very are open to suggestions for other sessions and contributions.

Email [email protected] to book or to discuss anything.

What is Citizens Advice and how can we help?

A session that introduces the organisation and shows what resources we have available for both self-help and support from our advisers.

What’s Out There for YP?

We can provide an overview of local and national organisations that are there to help young people, some of which are shown below.

Rights and Responsibilities

Would a session on the relationship between rights and responsibilities be helpful as regards:
an area of your choosing?

Navigating Benefits

How can someone work out what you might be entitled to?
What are the different benefits?
Who is entitled?
A general overview of the benefit system.

You can guide our Social Media

What issues are facing young people in Somerset that we might be able to provide content on? Let us know and we can see what we can do as we refresh our platforms.

Advice Champions

Does your organisation have workers or young people who would like to know more about the advice resources that are freely available and use that knowledge to support their peers or young people? We can provide an introduction.


Resources will be updated on these source links, so if you are using them, please check you have the latest version.

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February 2024

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November 2023

Merger Updates – Supporting the Military and their Families – Supporting Staff and Volunteers – Homelessness Relief Duty – Accessing Citizens Advice Somerset Advice – Community Updates

August 2023

Latest Updates – New Information Resources – All About Bailiffs for Young People – All About Bailiffs for Children – A Guide to Homefinder – Top Tips for Joint Tenants – Free Training Opportunities: NSPCC and Guide Dogs – Bite Size: Living on Empty Report – Community Updates – Q&A: Citizens Advice and Social Media

July 2022

Updates – Disability Pride Month – CA and Disability Issues – LGBTQ+ Pride – Somerset Stats – CA and LGBT+ Issues – Somerset Big Tent and Citizens Advice – Q&A: Somerset Young Veterans and Young People in Military Families – Household Support Fund 2 – Bitesize Update: Protests – Community Updates

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